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By all accounts, Karen’s husband is very successful financially and Karen is adamant that she loves him. Karen is of the opinion that she is in touch with her evolutionary truth and that unlike other women, she has acknowledged her subconscious desires to acquire the most resources and best genes as possible, and is using it to her advantage as she explains below: Nature wants us to mate with strong, virile men who can beat the shit out of the other men, have strong immune systems and produce the highest quality DNA sperm.But these types of testosterone driven men rarely, if ever, make good long-term partners.That is the ultimate goal, leaving behind as many descendants as possible.You are unapologetic about the fact you had sex outside of your marriage in order to ensure that you children had the best genes possible.I think society is in a losing battle with trying to change the way we are wired. As women, our goal in life is to secure the most resources and best possible genes for our children. Karen is obviously a woman that knows exactly want she wants and is not in the least bit afraid to go out and get it.I asked Karen if she wouldn’t mind if I picked her brain and she graciously accepted my request for an interview, the result of which is below: Your 2 children were fathered by 2 different lovers.Are you worried that you husband might become suspicious that he isn’t in fact the father?

From people fucking their affair partners in their freshly made marital bed, to a woman whose affair partner wants her to dress up in his wife’s clothes while they do the horizontal waltz, I have pretty much seen it all. (not her real name) Karen introduced herself to the forum in an unabashed manner full of confidence and spunk.

Some people have affairs because they are simply horny as all get out and can’t help themselves from getting in between the sheets with someone other than their spouse. In her words, “” But Karen also had affairs because she wanted her children to have good genetics which she believed that her husband could not provide.

Some do it for the thrill and excitement of doing something naughty. Karen’s two young children were fathered by two different men neither of whom is her husband, and hubby is none the wiser. Because of his great job and his ability to provide me and my children with resources, I will never divorce him.” Karen is unapologetic about her lifestyle choice and in fact defends it with zeal saying that really this is just nature at its core.

If you were to ever meet my husband, you would agree that he is not the ideal man to mate with, but he would be a good dad. Hell, even foot fetishes can be traced to evolution, as men are evolutionarily wired to look for small feet, which are a sign of high estrogen production, which itself is a sign of fertility, which explains why I have an uncontrollable urge to fuck every single women that is sporting anything under a size 10 pair of Uggs. When I asked Karen her thoughts on whether she thought we as a species were evolutionary predisposed to cheat she was quick to say that: I certainly think it is unnatural to be monogamous.

While I found this to be provocative, I also found it to be terribly interesting as I have often wondered what role evolutionary psychology and genetics played in relationships that were highlighted by infidelity. Is there something in our DNA that makes us want to fuck that hot secretary or to bed down the new guy at the gym even though we have a spouse waiting at home? There is a lot of evidence that cheating is an important part of human evolution.

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Do you think that your husband has been faithful to you? He has never been the player type and I can tell he embraces being married and “off-limits.”An open relationship with my husband? One of the main reasons I married him is his ability to provide me and my children with the resources we need. We will never admit to it on-record because of the ramifications we would face. The best thing about being in an affair is the great sex. I’ve always told myself the worst thing about being in an affair is getting caught. Is this a case of someone that is in touch with there inner evolutionary truth and she is just acting up on that?

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